Youth; they are our future. Northern Colorado Pheasants Forever is keenly aware of this and is dedicated to investing in our next generation. We understand that investing time into these youth now will help preserve our heritage well into the future. We are fully dedicated to youth outreach, and are taking every opportunity to introduce youth to our great outdoors. We would rather see a fishing pole or shotgun in a youths hands than a remote control; we hope you would too.

Our actions speak louder than words; we are doing all we can to impact as many youth as possible. Here is the evidence:

  • Since 1994 our chapter has invested $152,814 in youth outreach efforts. Much of this has been expended over the last half dozen years.
  • Through numerous events, we impact hundreds of youth every year.
  • We host two outdoor activity days every year. Events include trap shooting, target shooting with .22 rifles, archery, and a live pheasant hunt. Approximately 40 youth attend each event.
  • We have hosted two multi-day youth camps per year for the last several years. Events include fishing, hiking, trap shooting, dog training, target shooting, and more.
  • We are hosting three multi-day youth camps in 2015, and will impact youth that may otherwise not have opportunity to spend time in the great outdoors.
  • Our youth outreach trailers are full of outdoor equipment which aids in our youth outreach efforts. These trailers are also available to other organizations for use.
  • Nationally, Pheasants forever hosts over 1000 youth events annually, impacting more than 50,000 youth each.

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Youth Outdoor Activity Day 2011 Youth Hunting Instruction